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Get Up and Get Out is your source for weekly interviews with real people that have gotten up and out of their home country to live and work somewhere in the world. We also introduce the positives and negatives of living in another country along with tried and true tips that either Steve and/or his guest pass along to you so that you don’t have to relive the same mistakes and you can truly create your own adventure….wherever that is in the world.


Episode 010: Erik Olsen

Today on the show we have a fellow New-Yorker, Erik Olsen, a font of knowledge, he’s a PhD Candidate and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam in the Dept of...

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Episode 009: Stefan Boster

Today on The Get Up & Get Out Podcast we have Stefan Boster. He is a retired Respiratory Specialist from America (originally from Brooklyn). Stefan spends his time now between...

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Episode 008: Adrian Lopez

Today we are talking with Adrian Lopez from Mexico City. Adrian is a married, UI/UX designer, living in Munich, Germany with his wife, Sasha and their son. We get into...

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Episode 007: Matt Shannon

Today on the show we have a 6-year expat veteran, Matt Shannon. Matt Shannon is a 31-year-old from ME. He studied finance at the University of Maine and received a...

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