Episode 004: Chris Helmbrecht

On todays’ episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Helmbrecht. Chris has been living in Moscow since 2004, he’s originally from Germany, he use to work for the German police and he was a marketing manager in NYC. During the course of our time together, we get into topics such as the FSB, dj-ing […]

Episode 003: Dom and Ed

In this episode, I interview Dominic Vatovec, an educator from Australia and Ed Salisch from Shelton, Connecticut. Dom and I discuss his first visit, the Russian soul, teaching children of Russia’s elite, banya and things you probably shouldn’t do in Moscow. Talking to Ed, we talk about Brezhnev, Ed’s first time working in Moscow for a language school, […]

Episode 002: Hugh McEnaney

In this episode, we get into Hugh’s past, giving away money, working on Wall Street, bartending, meeting the Israeli Ambassador, some jobs that led him to Osaka, Australia and a holiday that brought him to Moscow. Also, how he met his wife, coming to Moscow, Freelancing, “red-tape” and his lovely wife that helped him navigate […]

Episode 001: Andy Frecka

Today we are talking with Andy Frecka from the United States who moved here over 20 years ago and now lives here for good with his wife and children. Listen to the show and discover what brought Andy here and what he’s doing not only for the expat community but also for locals. Also, be […]

Episode 000: The Get Up and Get Out Podcast – Teaser

The Get Up and Get Out Podcastis your source for weekly interviews with real people that have gotten up and out of their home country to live and work somewhere in the world. We also introduce the positives and negatives of living in another country along with tried and true tips that really work so […]