Episode 015: Living Abroad – How to Get Started and Make it Happen

I’m going to introduce 5 Key Areas that will guide you on your search for getting up and out of your country in order to fulfil your dreams of living and working in another country. Life is full of surprises and well, that’s what makes it both a little stressful, but so much more exciting!

Episode 014: Marcus Hudson – A Life of Service Leads to a Life of Purpose

From Boring (Oregon) to Bolshevik (ya know, Russia)Marcus grew up in a German-American home with 6 siblings on the west coast of the United States.He went to Brigham Young University and has a degree in linguistics.Between spending time in Germany and America he quickly developed the bug to explore.He spent some time studying Russian in Moscow […]

Episode 010: Erik Olsen

Today on the show we have a fellow New-Yorker, Erik Olsen, a font of knowledge, he’s a PhD Candidate and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam in the Dept of American Studies. He taught a course “The American Dream”, inviting guest lecturers to give students an insight to the truth, the lies and everything in-between. […]

Episode 009: Stefan Boster

Today on The Get Up & Get Out Podcast we have Stefan Boster. He is a retired Respiratory Specialist from America (originally from Brooklyn). Stefan spends his time now between Bankok, Thailand and Ekaterinburg, Russia. Stefan shares his many stories with us, each one of them with a lesson to be learned.If you take away […]

Episode 008: Adrian Lopez

Today we are talking with Adrian Lopez from Mexico City. Adrian is a married, UI/UX designer, living in Munich, Germany with his wife, Sasha and their son. We get into his early life, working for Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, developing an ad agency with some friends, discovering his desire to live in Europe, […]

Episode 007: Matt Shannon

Today on the show we have a 6-year expat veteran, Matt Shannon. Matt Shannon is a 31-year-old from ME. He studied finance at the University of Maine and received a degree in 2011. In addition, he studied law in Russia and the UK. Over the years  in Russia, he has worked at Mail.ru, Hannes Snellman, […]