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Episode 001: Andy Freck

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What can I say about this guy? Andy Frecka is Moscow’s Barbara Corcoran. He’s been living in Russia since 1998 and had been doing real estate for the past 15 years. Andy moved to Perm with his wife as missionaries (for God). Over the years Andy realized that God does provide….provided you provide for yourself!

Andy Frecka

Below, you’ll be able to find some key topics we discussed along with some valuable resources that we either discussed, we recommend or otherwise relate to our discussion and/or will help you on your journey, navigating ‘everything’ Russia.

Show Notes

00:00 – Welcome
00:17 – Thank you to…well, you know who you are!
00:40 – Pix Backpacks
1:20 – Valery Lugov – Sound Engineer (Instagram link)
1:30 – Intro

Blocks are amazing!

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I do everything, except teach English.

Andy Frecka

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  • One for the money
  • Two for the show
  • Three to get ready
  • Now go, cat, go

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