Episode 006: Moulay Charaï

Welcome to The Get Up & Get Out Podcast, I’m your host Steve Krisel and this is Episode 006 with Moulay Charai.

Moulay is a wonderful human being from Morocco who got hooked on a girl from Russia. At 23, he makes friendly contact with a Russian girl and they start emailing back and forth as penpals, which quickly turned into a serious relationship between the two of them. Just days after finishing his Master’s degree, he tells his parents that he is moving to Moscow. Moulay and I had some time to get into Moulay’s life in Morocco, his studies, Natasha’s secret visit to Morocco, getting married and experiencing an unfortunate scandal in the first 24hrs of landing in Russia. We also discuss in depth, his struggles to find work, a story of major regret, a false sense of security and well, you’ll have to listen to hear the rest!

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