Episode 011: Katya and Matt – From Russia to the United States – Dubai – Moscow and back to the US

Today on the show we have a lovely couple that will share their story. Kate a 32 year old Russian came to the United States on a work and travel visa, met a boy, boy liked girl, girl sort of liked boy, one thing led to another and now they’ve been together for 12 years and married for 10. They’ve lived in Ocean City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Dubai and now have come back to reside in New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia, where Matt, the boy, works as Executive Chef at Osteria. Matt, the American, a 34-year old from the suburbs of Philadelphia, didn’t want to become a construction worker, stopped growing, so sports were out…. so he became a chef.


Living in America as a Russian (married to an American)
Living in Dubai
Cross-Cultural Relationships – the positives/negatives.

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A few takeaways from this episode:
You never know what your future holds when you walk through the doors that life opens for you.

Sometimes life’s struggles not only show you what you are capable of but it’s those struggles that allow for great success or interesting new opportunities.

When you put yourself outside of your comfort zone – that’s where you grow!

Here are the negatives of living in the United States according to Matt and Katya:
   1. Your income might be high but so are your expenses.

   2.You generally have to drive everywhere and with Matt and Katya’s family growing, a second car will be           in the near future.

   3.Paying taxes (or at least filing is A MUST)

   4.Don’t get them started on health care! Most of it is simply over-priced “just in case” insurance that                  usually leads to you paying more money (aside from paying your premium and co-pay).

The Positives:

   1.The found each other – that’s #1

   2.The ability to travel around the country easily

   3.The possibility to do whatever you want in your work life

So, for Katya and Matt, or rather Kate and Matt, the US is a nice place to be – for now. They truly see themselves living outside of the country again in the future and we wish them all the best!

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