Episode 012: Katya and Wilson on Cross-Cultural Relationships, Marriage and Living Separately

Welcome to Episode 12: Katya and Wilson

On the show today, we have a lovely couple that I’d like to introduce to you.

Wilson was born in Hong Kong, moved to the US at 15, graduated from the University of Kansas and moved to Australia. He continued his studies and got into flying through a really good friend. From computer science degree to acrobatic flyer to 1st Officer of A330 of Hong Kong Airlines, Wilson had it all, well, almost. Since becoming 1st Officer, he’s had quite a bit more time to travel and that’s when he met Katya, a Russian girl from Sterlitamack (about a 24hr train ride to the East of Moscow).

Katya, who aspired to become a psychologist, attended university and got a degree in psychology. She got a job in radio in her hometown, the envy of most of her friends, at the young age of 20 years old. She quickly decided to move to Moscow and got into television. She’s been working in the media world for the past 6 years.

One night in Moscow, during the cold winter month of February, 2018, Katya and Wilson met each other at Mari vanna, a restaurant in the area of Patriarch Ponds.

They’re now married but living separately as they need to get permission for Katya to join Wilson in Hong Kong, full-time.

Before the show, we played the Newlywed Game where I asked Katya and Wilson, separately, a series of questions about their partner. Stick around until the end of the show to find out what those questions were and more importantly, what their responses were!

ON TODAY’S SHOW…we will talk about their lives before and after marriage, the cultural and social differences between them and how they deal with living apart.

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