Episode 014: Marcus Hudson – A Life of Service Leads to a Life of Purpose

From Boring (Oregon) to Bolshevik (ya know, Russia)Marcus grew up in a German-American home with 6 siblings on the west coast of the United States.He went to Brigham Young University and has a degree in linguistics.Between spending time in Germany and America he quickly developed the bug to explore.He spent some time studying Russian in Moscow in 2005 and in 2009 he got married to his wife, Oksana in Saint Petersburg.Marcus came back several times over the years and in 2012 settled in Moscow until 2019.Luckily enough, (as COVID would be upon us in 6 months) he was setting up shop for his third business and in September of 2019 moved his wife and two girls to Bonn, Germany. They now have a third child, a son!Today, we are going to get into his life, his travels, his struggles and the wins along the way. Questions during the show include:What were three major struggles for you and how did you tackle them?
What was strange to you when living in Russia?
What were you happily surprised about when you moved to Russia?
What are three to five things you wish you knew before coming to Russia?
What’s one thing you learned about yourself, living abroad?
What advice would you give to those thinking about coming to Russia?
What are some of the secrets you learned while living in Russia/Germany? Mentioned in the show:Hudson GroupWe launch and support your website with tools you need so you can focus on your business! LetsRussiaMaking the Russian experience a breeze! The Grint Program – Study Abroad in Russia Weird Russian CustomsReal Stories, Real Facts from Real Foreigners about Russia We want to thank you for joining us today. We truly appreciate your time and we hope that today’s show 

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