Welcome to my home of voice art. A little bit about me. I am an American, Louisiana-born, New York-raised guy who has been described as serious, commanding, and authoritative, as well as friendly, informative, and trusting.

Since January of 2021, I’ve been honing my skills and landing gigs in dubbing (movie/animation), commercial, and explainer videos. I have worked on projects like Atakan: The Blood Legend (2021), Dolphin Boy (2022), Nuremberg Process (2022). I’ve also lent my voice to several YouTube channels like 808 English and Droider.ru.

If you are looking for a professional voice artist with his own studio for consistent high-quality audio performances, look no further. And well, instead of reading what I can do, why don’t you just have a listen.

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Professional Development:

Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Sound into Action: Voice and Monologue w/ Maya Smoot

Commercial Demo
Feel free to download it.

Here are some of the works that I’ve been a part of:


Nurnberg (2023)

Nyurnberg 2023 - 1945. The International Military Tribunal begins its work in Nuremberg. A huge number of people from all over the world come to the trial, which will later be called the Trial of the Century: the city is crowded with journalists, lawyers, translators, witnesses and many participants and employees of the process.
background voice; US military man (playing basketball); voice in the courtroom balcony


April 2022: Trailer voice, captain, octopus, and turtle.
June 2022